I am tolerant of all Except for muslims

  The most violent religion! This is suppsosed to be the age of reason, not the age of acid throwing, hiijacking and car bombing. Truth is, Muslim extremist have no place left in the world. Even that piece of shit region they live in is too good for them. Ok, maybe I should rephrase it to be politically correct. I am tolerant of everyone, except for batshit crazy muslims, and christians. Because those fuckers are crazy too! "God hates fags!" "Pray for dead soldiers!" "Evolution is false!" Fuckin inbred retards! But the actual teachings and parables of Christ are highly respectable and noble. Can't say the same about mohammed or however you spell it.

You know, Scientoligist are also pretty fucked up too. I wouldnt say it too their face because they could ruin your life with identity theft and stuff like that. But really, do they actually believe any of their shit?

Atheist are also kind of annoying. So fucking arrogant! I say, "Well there is a possibility that intelligent design and God are true." "Nope, nope, nope. Dead arguments. Why dont you go hug your bible and go to sleep little christian" I swear those annoying pricks have so much nerve sometimes.

Taoist and buddhist seem to have their heads on straight.

Pagans had the right idea.

Hinduism is the shit!

Jews have funny hats.

Muslims are batshit crazy.

Christians are hypocritical shits.

Atheist are pricks.


And I'm the shit. Peace out.

Uploaded 04/28/2011
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