I am trying.....

I have been trying to keep up with the whole CIA and Pelosi thing and as far I as I can understand it is this. Pro-Pelosi people say if you release info about our meetings then we will show a letter where you say (CIA) you DID give out misinformation (not about the Pelosi stuff) but misinformation. OK Can you follow that?

Republicans stance is if you give out the info about the Bush/CIA meetings then you will put people in danger. ahem.....BULLSHIT sorry,

Democrats want instead of just 8 people (number could be wrong by some but not much) they want 10 times that amount ahem Bullshit sorry.


Here is the real order to save Pelosi Mr. Obama will and has threatened to veto a bill allowing that many people to have knowledge of the CIA privacy issues. I say HOORAY Obama although we will not know what happened with the Bush years and now once again SATAN...sorry Pelosi dodges yet another bullet. The real losers here people are us because although we were promised CHANGE all we are getting is Politics as usual.


I got my info from MSNBC not the real fair and balanced Fox (hangs his head in disgust with them ALL)


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 07/10/2009
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