I am __________, you can call me the same

I've been against political correctness for some time (more properly, all my life), permit me to say that there is a fine line between completely inappropriate and PC. Most people have allowed that line to blur beyond recognition. To them I say, where is your sense of the first amendment? Freedom of the press, and freedom of speech are far more important than someone getting up tight about the term used for them. So, I have decided to take advantage of the anonymity this website has granted me to make some statements concerning what I believe is not only non-offensive, but also should not fall under the term politically incorrect.

Im Japanese, if you call me Chinese, Ill just politely let you know Im not.

Im Chinese, go ahead and call me Chinese.

Im a midget, thats what I am, the term wasnt created to be offensive, so Im not going to take it that way.

I am gay, and if you say dude, thats gay in reference to something you dont like, who cares.

I am Mexican, and saying that Im a Mexican guy doesnt put me out at all.

Im white, what the hell does Caucasian mean, anyway?

I am black, you may call me black, it really doesnt bother me.

Im sure I could think of others, but Ill leave it at that, I think that covers the bases pretty well. If you intend on making your comfort more important than my freedom of speech, thats fine, Ill be happy to tell you where you can stick your attitude. If you want to take me to court over one of the things Ive mentioned, rest assured, Ill make sure to beat my moneys worth out of you first. Being PC is fine when you're on the job, but anywhere else? You can bite a floppy one.

Uploaded 01/20/2009
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