An incredible thing about creation is that there are practically infinite ways things can be, infinite scenarios and infinite outcomes, but they will always turn out the way they are meant to.  All of existence is guided by a fundamental principle that is undeniable in it's essence because it's the only thing that can be said with full confidence, the only truth you can trust with all of your heart. I AM. It's being proven by the very fact that you are reading these words, hearing my voice through this message and perhaps even understanding. Our consciousness in itself is a power as big as the universe and yet tiny enough to fit inside these frightened animals we call our flesh. It is very hard to say what is and is not with any certainty, life can be confusing at best, and downright hellish during moments when you need stability and balance and all you can conjure is failure. Close your eyes and try to release every thought in your head, blank your mind totally, and think about what you hear. Individually every person alive, every animal and bacteria and plant, all things that move on their own, no matter how big or small, are endowed with a force that they do not control, I like to call it "life".    This "life-force", if you will, is unique because not everything in existence governs it's actions in the slightest, so we'll agree that while being impressive and beautiful, it is a thing easily understood. Keep in mind I've been leading up to a big reveal, and I wanted to draw your mind out a little, try and prepare you for what I think is the single dominating concept of life, how we know. Although you've done nothing to make it happen, you exist ,and guess what, unlike any other being that lives you are entirely able to grasp the fact that you are. Try it on for size, two words that we are allowed to call out at any time because they are true. I AM. Deny it, argue about it, disassemble and rearrange everything you can about it's meaning, I AM and you can't do a thing to change it, because we don't control this fact. God's name, according to the faith I have found and love dearly, is Jesus, who has said, "Before the world was, I AM". I know this because I believe and because through my faith I AM made stronger every day. We are allowed to know that we are here because the "life-force"  I mentioned earlier is Jesus, along with that incredible thing some have called the Id. The original I AM has said many things concerning our purpose and how we should conduct ourselves in our walk through this life, but the only thing that rings as a word to sum it up is Love, yet another title that God has claimed. Love is freedom, and freedom is being able to say I AM, freedom is God in motion. Give up control of your life to the Power that is Good, it's as simple as walking out of darkness into light. You do not have to be practiced or even very intelligent to accomplish this goal, all you need is a trust that you are not God, you were not meant to be and that is a good thing. Faith as small as a mustard seed is all the effort that must be exerted, an act of willpower no greater than speaking out loud, but capable of changing everything about you into something perfect and eternal. I pray somebody will read this and try, just for the sake of having tried before the day you pass the veil separating us from the unknown. Say I AM, and be. 
Uploaded 12/04/2012
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