I Believe in Leprechauns Now.

Thanks to Phukyanks and his mass upload of useless megabytes I now believe in Santa Clause too. Why not? Santa has his own songs much like those of Gods zombie son. Who is to say he is not real? DO you have any proof.
This is a real pic of santa and jesus. Santa is actually god and jesus is his illegitimate child. Do you have any proof this isn't true?
Phuk it, I believe in leprechauns too. Leprechauns have their own cereal for christs sake. You can't just give someone their own cereal if they are not real.
Leprechauns are gay though so Jesus can't hang out with them. Notice the rainbow? Also leprechauns like to drink beer and smoke pipes. When they go to male strip clubs they make it rain with golden coins. Sorry Jesus those gold coins aren't going into your collection plate.
Shit! I almost forgot about the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy is real and gave me a hand job when I was eight. She didn't have any money and offered me a handy for my two front teeth. She had just made bail on a breaking and entering charge.
This is her. Remember the camera adds 10 pounds. This really happened I swear.
Another thing that is real is Greek Mythology. Don't let the word mythology fool you. I am pretty sure mythology is greek for 'true things that really happened in real life.'
Which leads me to cupid. Fuck you cupid. If you ever shoot me with an arrow I will cut you. Then I will drop you off at the nearest sex offenders house. I am pretty sure cupid made all religious people love their God. He shot you all with his arrow of love. Too bad he didn't aim for your heads.

Uploaded 06/09/2013
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