I believe!

I believe that this religious shit has exhausted it's point on both ends.

Dear non-believers,   Stop trying to convert believers. Do you really want someone who believes in God to suddenly change their mind and start arguing your side of the argument?  If you don't think they are intelligent, or make good points, why the hell would you want someone like that to represent people like you?  Just be glad that religiously fueled genocide doesn't occur where you live anymore, and let people go to church if they want to. 

Dear believers,   I don't think anyone here is looking to be saved, although I'm sure you can think of a few people who you think needs a little Jesus or whatever in their lives.   You love God about the same amount as non-believers love not having a God.   Maybe God will one day find it in his heart to forgive these people, and let them into this Heaven place you're so keen of.  Then you can rub it in their spirit face for all eternity.  If not, they'll burn in hell and you still win. 

Dear everyone,  I know it's hard to understand why some people think the way they do, but keep in mind that there's someone out there that thinks that about you as well.  Sometimes it's better to just stand back and watch from a distance, than to create hostility where there otherwise was none.  Yes it's frustrating to observe ignorance sometimes, but other times it's hilarious.  
Uploaded 01/07/2013
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