I broke down and saw it

Well I finally broke and saw Twilight. before you start calling me names, listen. I did like the book, I didn't love it, I liked it. I can name at least a hundred and forty books off the top of my head that I'm much more fond of, more if I thought about it for a moment. that said, I've seen quite a few people comending the acting in this movie, so I must speak. I was expecting something to the effect of the story being utterly torn apart and the characters potrayed badly by terrible actors, so I wasn't too outraged. It wasn't the worst acting I've ever seen but it is not to be commended. That's tolerable, and the events being rearanged and many parts removed is semi tolerable, other then that a story entirely about the progression of a relationship and little else cannot be so rushed. To not ruin anything I won't be specific, but the book contains no real conflict except very late and tacked on. this was fine with me, but taking such a story and trying to shorten it effectively leaves people scratching thier heads. The characters come off as emotionally immature and downright silly in the movie, because all the benefit of seeing the internal progression and the story taking its time was effectively ruined. Whoever made changes to the dialogue had something of an obsession with monkeys as well. It seems like a small thing but it stands out prominently to me. My point is this: if the story looks even slightly interesting then do yourself a favor and read the book first. that goes for all movies while I'm at it. The only joy I got out of this movie was seeing the way someone imagined what I imagined very diferently. Don't let some director's shitty ideas imagine things for you, form your own ideas of what things look like before you see the movie. Get to know the characters as you see them before you see how anyone else sees them.

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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