I can be snarky too.

  Alright it seems to get a good rating you need to be witty and sarcastic, well I can do that as well and am about to PWN ...Alright again here goes.


  Did you guys see that political thing that happened concerning that touchy subject you have to flitter around without talking about?  I sure did and I am about to blow you all out of the water with this one Ladys N Gents. So I am against that topic that people consider touchy BUT!! I am for the other .... I can't believe these people talking about the new president..  Some are too judgmental others too relaxed.  I have to take that side , You know the one. I am pro-gay marriage in Canada..  Not that I am against it in the usa. Man I sure make being relevant cool.  Now I will say something nasty to someone but I will be very general so people are obligated to laugh. Did you hear about the polish?? me too ...  me too...


  Ok Fuck that shit I'm gonna go pick up a hooker so i can see how many condoms full of sand I can fit up her ass before she dies. Need to be drunk though. hope I don't get cawt.  At Least I can cut her ass up and feed her to the homeless when she dies.  Yea that is how I will fix starvation in America. Is cannibalism still a taboo? I wouldn't think so but these hippies and their "rights".... Eh well There I go again.


Night new guys and old school bloggites.


Matt The leader of a cult and many zombies

Uploaded 05/28/2009
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