I can see it coming....

*Sigh*, I can see it happening already. My email box is starting to get SPAMMED. (I hope Spam and other derivatives are in the modern dictionary). Pretty soon these blogs will be riddle with spams by asses like bigbeauty34 and the i hatejulia site. The ad above... cant it say "Pimp your EbaumsWorld."? I have to tell you. I have a Myspace but I'm so over it. Yea I go on, only for the fact that the people (excluding some of my fav celebs) are I know but don't talk to on a daily basis. I am not a talkative person on the the phone. Matter of fact, I cant stand it. I try to keep my conversations under 5 mins. Hi! how are you? Okay whats up? I think I used up all my minutes as a teenager. You could not get me off the phone even if the house was burning down, I would dial 9-1-1 on 3way.

**Subject Change**


So I am watching the Olympics. My feet hurt. But I am watching the mens gymnastics. The core strength is insane. You are supposed to be physically the best of the best as far as the sports world goes. I love Curling. its a cool sport that and the luge ( i hope thats spelled right). Ok I'm very tired I am going to smoke a butt and off to bed I go hi ho.

Those are my two cents and I want my change...


PS Gonna get a story up soon. I havent written in years and I just have to think. But I think Im on the right track

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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