I Can Smell the Talent

I've been noticing a strange smell when logging onto eBaum's. A lot of people have been asking me to blog more, since I've tapered off in this corner of the site. So when recently returning to the section, I discovered the source...


... as well as feeling it necessary to explain to many of you guys what the deal is.

Not that quality abounds by any means on any section, but it appears that with the absence of what little existed in blogs, the mods have decided to lift the long, humiliating ban on several old users, effectively depreciating the enjoyment factor from what was, at best, a 4, to a -7.

It seems the ugly dogs are not only released, but just as rabid as before, as some have already complained about. Again, it's all based on the lack of intelligence, common sense, and grammatical skill seeping into the place, totally opposite anything even a casual user would expect resembling quality in a blog or blog section.

This time around I won't even apologize before tooting my own horn.

It may come to pass that with an eager return of those of us who really make the blog section worth anyone's while, retaining an impeccable level of skill, smarts, and format, a mod or two might see to it things are far better off re-instating the bans on those shamed members. It's a good chance to see firsthand how a group can look a lot brighter once they cut out the weak links.


Or, on second thought, it's probably a good move (and definitely of no consequence) on my, and other great blog authors' parts, to refrain from working in the midst of riff-raff, like we have in recent months. Frankly, many times the majority are weak links. Kind of like a genius trying to do their thing in a room full of those with Down's Syndrome -  If you definitely know your skill, it'll either be lost on the mentally weak, or used as futile bait for the scorned individuals that know their ineptitude, and resent it.

In a nutshell - a genius wouldn't cavort with retards, so we aren't eager to waste talent here.

For those few existing here that miss the singular, original, and entertaining words of these latter bloggers, we thank you.

Whether we get around to blogging with as much gusto as we once did is still unclear. Predictably, real life matters do take precedence in our daily routine - and yes, we understand a lot of members sadly can't relate.

Uploaded 11/26/2011
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