I can't believe I'm coming here for advice...

Honestly though, I'd rather write here than anywhere else. Why? Because I have a problem that people will either consider stupid, silly...or who knows, maybe they'd even understand.

I wrote almost a year ago how I was working at the gas station and I fainted at work. I had some infections, but I still think it had something to do with my hypoglycemia. I ate a little that day, and I was actually eating a banana while it happened (and no, I didn't faint with a banana in my mouth. I dropped it and ran to the bathroom thinking I was going to puke but fainted instead).

I took over a month off of work and when I got back, I started having panic attacks at work. I would have to call someone in, which really pissed off my store manager. Everything gradually got worse after that. I got fired because I was $20 short (funny cause I recounted all the money myself and I was right on, but where the managers count the money, there are no cameras...still pissed off about that). Luckily I'm getting unemployment for that. And before you criticize me for collecting unemployment, let me explain.

My panic attacks started getting worse. To the point where now I can't even go into a public place. Yep, I developed agoraphobia. I was taking Xanax .5mg only when I have to go out in public, until I found out I was pregnant so I stopped (both times). Now this second time, it's so much worse. I'm not so bad where I can't even walk to the mailbox or anything. Just being in public places and having this trap feeling like I can't escape, and I start panicking. I still take Zoloft 100mg which is safe, but it doesn't help that at all.

ANYWAYS, my question is...does anyone know anyone that has/had this problem or maybe you have yourself? I used to be the most relaxed person in the world and now I'm completely the opposite.

The worst part of it all, is I have only told a few people about it because I find it embarrassing and I know people would find it stupid. My parents know what I'm going through because my aunt had it for the last 10 years so they're constantly checking up on me and trying to help out, but they don't know what to do either because of my pregnancy.

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