I can't do it pointless blog

*warning* this is a pointless blog. Read at your own risk.


So, lately I've been trying to redo my song "autumn" and make it longer. Basically, I want to add more to the ending and expand it. However, I just CAN'T find the right keys to fit in the ending of autumn to anything else. Autumn is (hands down) my favorite song that I've written and it just feels like anything I add will just fuck it up. Imagine that you wrote a GREAT first chapter of your book. It's amazing- possibily the BEST thing you've EVER you have to make chapter 2 and no matter what, nothing flows into the chapter. Anything you write just isn't good enough for chapter 2. That's how I feel right now.


I started out in 4/4 in E flat major and I've tried to think of everything to make it flow into another part. I thought about changing keys, changing it to 6/8, or increasing the tempo. I have some sweet sounding 16th notes to add in there that sound like wind/rain. Perfect for autumn but I can't make it fit anywhere.


I know I'm just ranting. It's just fustrating. I've been trying so hard to get it right lately. I'm just going to give up on it and start something else. Fuck it for now.


EDIT: the song is piano only. I actually wrote a blog about music that included the song.

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