I can't think straight

I've lost my ability to think at the capacity that i wish i could. I've got a few minor mental disorders that prevent me from functioning in society in a comfortable way. I'm failing my best classes and no gaining intelligence in a regular way. I've got ADD, OCD, dyslexia, and astigmatism. Although i don't have severe symptomes of these disorders, they still interfere with everyday life. I can't perform the simplest of tasks without an extensive amount of commitment. It takes me 30 minutes to read a 10 page picture book, and 2 days to read a kids chapter book. I'm in an honors English class, and i need to read books above my grade level, which is causing me to fail the class. It took me 4 months to read a 200 page book. In Geometry, I constantly confuse similar looking numbers, causing me to completely screw up equations and calculating processes. I have to go to summer school, now, and my whole vacation and birthday is ruined. I was just wiondering if there was anyone in the same situation as I am, and if so, how do you get through the day. I don't like the belligerence of these mental disorders, and i want them to cease.

Uploaded 04/14/2009
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