i challenge you, lord_infamous.....

you keep changing your avatar pic to these shitty pictures of a dude with flabby arms, saggy tits, or an obviously skinny little bitch with his collerbone protruding. the one thing missing in these pics is your face. the other things missing are the evidence of your run ins with the "world models" that you constantly turn down due to your obvious lack of heterosexuallity. i would also enjoy a picture of you in front of your various Italian sports cars that don't exist.


i also researched the facts from your last blog and have yet to find any evidence of a woman exploding from shotgun shells being crammed in her vagina in any of the numerous Wal-Mart stores in the continental united states (i have yet to uncover anything in Alaska or Hawaii either, but that investigation is pending).


and as far as all your other previous claims, i have never uncovered any evidence in support of them. this causes me to come to one grand and obvious conclusion: you are a lying piece of shit.


i have seen some pictures that are purported to be you, though. they are of an Arabic looking male of about 18 to 22 years of age. this person looks to suffer from down syndrome, but i am not a doctor so i could be wrong. the thing i am sure of, though, is that the individual pictured has cross eyes, a douchey appearance, and a very not shredded body.


so in conclusion, i have laid the gauntlet down in front of you, sir. your challenges are as follows:

show pictures proving your identity

show evidence of your previously mentioned "accomplishments"

prove that you are not this smelly, douche bag Arab


your speedy response to this would be much appreciated.



your friend, AWFULJACKASS

Uploaded 08/11/2009
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