I Done Been Usurped

I noticed a feature on the homepage, submitted yesterday, of a gallery that I had submitted the other week. I see that the user has had features in the past and I've similarly noticed that some users have a page or two of features to their credit.

I'm not pissed as I am sure the guy posting the gallery had not seen mine. I, myself just took it from an email that had been circulating the net. When I posted it I didn't do a search to see if someone had already posted it. I'm just speculating that the staff of eBaums who are in charge of combing our submissions for features may look first at people who have had posts in the past. It's just a theory.

I don't know how the selections are made but I'm sure that the staff does not view every submission. My God, 2,000 girls and 1,000 cups could not handle the shitload of posts submitted on a daily basis by eBaum's users. 

I've not been featured. (one of my demotivators did appear in a featured gallery but I don't think eReps were given. It was just cool to see it among the others) Most of my stuff is material I've created. Some of it is just crap I found in the loony bin that is the net.

If I ever see one of my originals featured under another name I will be miffed but if someone happens to steal the same media that I stole... oh well. That would be like calling the cops to report someone stole my crack.

Uploaded 09/18/2008
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