I don't get the world anymore

I don't understand the world much anymore. It used to be the sky is blue, people go to work and there was never anything that didn't seem quite out of place in the world. Now I look at things and they seem to annoy me. Maybe I just seem to notice more?

For instance, why do people oddly name their autobiographies? Theo Fleury's book is called PLaying with Fire. He's a hockey player, why is that the title of his autobiography? He is in no way connected to fire.

Why does the government feel it necessary to censor TV? When they do they either imply that i'm one: Too stupid to know what I should be watching and will screen everything for me or two: I don't possess the mental capabilities to work my remote.

Why does Twitter exist? I mean you wouldn't follow someone around and pay attention to everything they're doing unless money was involved and you wouldn't tell someone everything you're doing either. I mean i don't get why ig you write it, it becomes ok.

Why don't people dress good anymore? What happened to wearing suits and ties. Now everyone looks like they dressed themselves not only in the dark but without the use of touch. I mean it's like they just pointed at random and wore what they got. Some people have mullets and sleeveless T-shirts and and twenty dollar jeans. Society doesn't look classy anymore.

One of the things that really, really pisses me off is why is TWILIGHT, FREAKING TWILIGHT!!! a movie, I use that term loosely by the way? More importantly why do people like and like it to the level that they do? I mean terrible acting, terrible plot and frankly I only saw the trailer and like one clip on The Late Show or something. Vampires used to be scary or at least menacing. Dracula, Blade, even Castlevania. So why does Twillight have to fuck up vampires! And what annoys me the most, people who where Team Jacob and Team Edward shirts and actually get in fights over it. So not only is it a bad movie but they're actually so into it they create teams based around A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!! I mean I listen to a lot of Megadeth and really think they're awesome but i'd never where a shirt that said "Team Megadeth" and get into a fight with someone wearing a shirt that said "Team Metallica". I just don't get it.

I realize the last paragraph is longer than the rest, that's becasue Twillight pisses me off. If you like it fine, I like movies to but try to be less freaking obssessed by it. I hate it so much I refuse to spell the name correctly.

See I just don't get the world anymore. Twitter, censors, dressing like an asshole, oddly named biographies and so on...(Twilight!!!). To be honest these are only a few of the things I hate or don't get about the world. I couldn' fit that things into one blog, yet alone the words to describe them. I'm not bitter or someone who hates everything, I just hate things that should be corrected or are just freaking stupid.

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