I don't think this is where i live O

    So last night i got pretty hammered, which isn't easy seeing as i'm irish. Basically after a 60 of canadian club, a 26er of bacardi 151 and 5 beers i had no idea what was going on where i was or even who i was with. I recently moved to Toronto so i'm not too familiar with the area yet, however one of my old school friends from my old city (Sudbury) had moved up here about a year and a half ago, we got in touch and i was immediately connected to a party scene. Which is definitely good for a new area, i ended up meeting a girl at the party and i wanted to take her home. Everything was going good we were hitting it off, so i suggest that we leave. I invite her to my place and she suggests we go to her house because it's closer. So off we head to her house i have nothing on my mind but getting laid, the anticipation is killing me. I don't remember the way we took to get to her house or how long of a journey it was, the only thing i remember after that is wasking up this morning inside of her house, with her past out beside me. When i saw her the first thing that came to mind was an old saying my friend used to use. "she's good from far but far from good." There i was last night thinking i hit the jackpot waking up to a girl who had a face like the wicked witch of the west, her body wsa nothing to complain about but i didn't have any paper bags so there would be no morning quickie. I try to get my stuff together and get the hell out of there, but i stumble and fall and immediately feel like i need to puke, i wasn't sure if it was the sober sight of her or if it was the alcohol not sitting well. However the sound of my fall, and the fact that i fell into the side of the bed woke her up, and she says "goodmorning, i slept great and i had an amazing time last night." I try to play it off cool so i say, "i had a great time to." We go on talking and all of a sudden she asks me something i didn't think i'd hear. "What time are your parents coming home?" Well i didn't think this question was necessary because we were at her house so i said, "i'm not sure, why? will yours be here soon?" We both kind of looked at eachother shocked and scared, i swear this had to be the dumbest girl ever because by the time she understood that it wasn't my house the only thing she could say was "I don't think this is where i live." So we both head downstairs trying to be quiet and get out of there as quick as we can not sure if we were supposed to be there or not, and when we get downstairs we both come to a sudden realization. We never left the party, we just went upstairs.

Uploaded 07/18/2008
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