I feel like im dying

I dont have some crazy disease im just extremly tired for two main reasons. One, trying to

balance work, school, and shit at home. Two, I just started working out again about a

month and a half ago.


Recently, I've been with what I like to call my own "personal trainer",

aka its my friend who i work with, go to the gym with, and college.  At first it was cool to

have someone to help me get started working out again, but recently its starting to suck.

Because we work to together he is always paying attention to exactly what i eat, how much,

when i go to the gym and for how long. At work if we get done early before we close, he'll

have me walk, jog, run, do suicides, sprints, (then all that with a medicine ball), and

something called "fire feet" which is some football thing he knows.


So basically im sore, pissed off and also trying to quit smoking because i cant run worth shit because of smokers lung. 

On a positive note, I've already lost some weight and seen some more definition in my msucles. I know its working, it just sucks balls.


- Thanks for Reading and listening to my rant


- jowad

Uploaded 10/18/2009
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