I got acne for Christmas.


(written Jan 9)

Today, something interrupted my content flow of avoiding adversity and confrontation. I was sitting in 3rd period as I usually do, chatting up some girl beside me because I was in a good mood, and the kid beside me, and who has sat beside for the past five months in that class, turned his head and asked me a question. I don't name this kid, not for the sake of privacy, but because I honestly don't know his name. All I know is he plays calculator games all class period and has the worst case of acne I've ever seen in my life. I speak off no pedestal of facial cleanliness though, I've had my fair share of adolescent years where my face looked like a pepperoni pizza, a golf course, moon craters. Call it what you like, at one point my face resembled it.

Before I continue on, I'd like to note that I try extremely hard not to be an asshole to people I don't know. If you don't know me personally, I'm quite the gentleman and my easy going demeanor makes conversation at most, bearable.

But sometimes, you just fuck up.

Sometimes, your mouth formulates words and your mind forgets to make sure it's an all right thing to say.

"Hey Tip, what'd you get for Christmas?" he asked.

I turned and looked at him.



"Acne.... medication.... Medication for my acne. That I have. On my face. My mom got it for me. From a doctor."

I felt my throat slide into my stomach while what skin you could see on his face began glowing red. There was no recovering from it. I've never dug myself into a hole so deep. My face was a cherry compared to those around me, excluding him. I ducked into my seat feeling like a total asshole. He went out of his way to waste breath on me by inquiring what I got for Christmas, and I looked him right in the eye and told him I got acne. Acne medication. For Christmas. I wouldn't blame him if he never looked at me again.

So, my belated New Years resolution is to bite my tongue before I think to say anything to anyone. I've got about a week to try to salvage some kind of benevolent relationship with this kid before I move on to new classes, and I'm not sure I can leave this incident behind without feeling some kind of remorse. Rarely do I make an attempt to backtrack my mislead footsteps in a matter, but this time, I'll make an exception and go out of my way to make this kid's day a bit brighter. Hell, maybe I'll even bring in some acne medication my mom gave me and give it to him. Just kidding.

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