I got back on stage this week.

So it was a bit earlier than I had planned, but this week, I started doing stand up comedy again.  Originally, I had planned to wait a while, write some new routines, and then go.  But I got an offer to go up this week, and I went ahead and took it.

I got a call this week wanting me to fill in, so I went ahead.

Apparently someone didnt show, or cancelled on em.  And they needed an opener.  And since I'm a nobody in stand up comedy, I'm a perfect candidate.  So I asked what was I was getting out of it.  Cash? Nope.  Free drinks? Not even that, the lowest form of payment for comics.  Jack shit's what I got.  Not that I care, just that Im going to try for as much as I can. 

So I go in, have a couple beers before the show.  They come up to me and ask how I've been.  Fine.  What I've been up to. Meh, this and that (meaning that Ive done about as much as you are paying me.) Same fluffing bullshit.  Then she asks if I remember the rules.  Ugh, I really hate censorship, but thats another blog all in its own.  I told her yep, but I may need a review.  She tells me what I can and cant do.  Yeah, they havent changed a bit.

So I had been writing a few new routines, and I cant lie, I was a bit eager to try them out.  ALL of my new stuff worked great.  I totally took my A-game up there with me.  I managed to strategically break EVERY censorship rule that they had, and I got away with it.   I barely had one full show written, I actually had to end it a bit early, but everything worked.  I was shocked.  That never happens.  EVER.  The crowd was a tad stingy at first, but I think I did my job as an opener fairly well.   After the show, I had a couple more drinks, which I had to pay for.  And even got snobbed off by the headliners.

So basically, it was the same old shit, but I really love it.  Cant lie, I have fun.  AND I got away with breaking their rules. Again.  Its about finesse really.   Im still writing.  I probably wont be back up there anytime too soon.  I want to write more new stuff before I do.  And I still want to improve what Ive got.  

But yeah, I went back up.  Im happy about it.   Had to let you guys know.  Take care.

Uploaded 12/07/2008
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