I guess its time for me to ride off into the sunset...

Hekko everyone (grats to Big Bad for figuring that one out),


Well, it seems I have finally overstayed what little welcome I had here at ebaumsworld (ebaumsworm... haha).  It would appear that I finally pissed PP off something awful--dont know what I did that sent him over the edge, but gosh darnit... Ive done pushed him wayyyy past it.


Anyways, I just figured I'd make my formal goodbye blog.  This is it.  I'm never coming back.


At any rate... I'm sure you guys think you have me figured out by now.  Surely youve all noticed that Im purposely trying to fuck up my spelling, grammar, and punctuations in some of my blogs.  And surely youve all deduced that my goal here at ebaumsworld was simply to troll, and make people angry (And I wont mince words here... Ive done a damn good job of that). 


Now, I dont want you all to be losing sleep over whats going on here... so Im just going to go ahead and say, "Congratulations... you guys figured me out, and you defeated your troll!"  Hopefully that will let at least some of you post on here with your heads held high, and a sense of victory.  I mean, hell, if Im not going to be around anymore, what do I care how you feel like after Im gone?  Far as Im concerned, if everyone feels happier, thats all the better.  With that said, if you truly, TRULY feel better now, with me gone, and with a sense of "Ahhh, we finally got rid of Poopy." then this is as far as you need to read.  Goodbye to you--you may now exit this blog and go back to the blog section. 




If you really are one of those sadistic people who just feels better when they feel worse, and you need some sort of drama around here to get you through your day... or if youre just one of the people who is so sure of himself that hes got me beat, and can take on any mental challenge that a "simple-minded troll" may set before him, feel free to keep on reading.






News flash:  I'm more complex than you could possibly imagine.  lol, I'll just leave it at that.  If you really want to see how deep the puzzle goes, why dont you go have a conversation with Big Bad... since he's finally solved the first part.


Oh, and just as a protip for all you guys:


Stop being so damn easy to troll.  Seriously, you guys are so easy to bait into an argument.  It was amazing to see how many people would continue on with the drama even when they KNOW DAMN WELL that it was like arguing with a doorknob.  Just a little advice for how you handle your future trolls.  You dont need admins around to hold your hand... but good God, you sure as hell better get your act together if you wanna get rid of them yourselves.  I wont tell you how.


Anyways...  its been a plum-pleasing pleasure... I look forward to blending in with your community in the future (dont know where, dont know when... but rest assured, I'll be there behind the curtains)  Who knows, I may even try to become good friends with some of you guys that were so asinine to me as Poopy! :P  Wouldnt that be ironic...


So with that said...  y'all, stay in the light y'all... put a smile on your face... and don't let nobody do ya wrong.  Because if they do ya wrong, guess what that means, they don't love themselves.  Y'all, I love each and every one of ya.  Many blessings, and have a fastastic life! 


Let's make today the greatest day of our lives...  then do the same tomorrow!


Very Sincerely Yours,

Poopy (iLIKEtoSAYpoop)

Uploaded 08/24/2009
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