I had to check.....

I am not even sure when it happened but I am domesticated  now and I didnt even see it coming. I notice these days I cant stand it when my old lady goes into "MY" kitchen. oh God shoot me now. I worked many years in the steel industry splicing steel cable for heavy equiptment and it was the hottest hardest work I have ever done. I would get off work and although she worked too, it was her who cooked for me and waited on me because I was half dead when I got off work. My but things have changed.....

Here is why I had to check, I went to the mall to finish up shopping and before you know it I was going into the dress shop while my old lady looked at dresses. Now that has never bothered me I love her in a dress and when I can get that I will go with her, BUT she was going back to try on a dress and hands me her purse. I stand there for about 5 seconds and I reach down to make sure she didnt take my balls in the dressing room with her and I rushed back in the dressing room and she was standing there laughing. She took her purse back and said "I wondered how long it would take you to bring it back here" now the story goes in another direction you dont want to know but lets just say I saw the dressing room QUITE well. I am so glad my kids are out of the house it just opened us up to new and exciting things. WHAT did you think you younguns are the only people getting your freak on.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 12/02/2009
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