I hate Christians Not Really

Let me just start out by stating the viewpoints in this blog are mine and are not meant to be forced upon others.


I was going to mostly address Johnny, but that will have to come later.  This is mostly addressed towards the scathing blog by Ad.  Ad, you have my greatest respect and always will, so this is not personal, I promise.  But, I have remained quiet for a long time and feel the need to give a Christian point of view, although you already know mine.


There have been quite a few anti-Christian blogs floating around lately.  Some of them are labeled “Religion”; but as I read these blogs, I find the majority of them end up attacking Christianity, and they seem to lose the whole “all religion” theme.  Johnny’s was a rare blog that actually stuck with all religions and not just Christianity, so kudos to you Johnny for keeping it fair for once.  Too many times I see smart ass wannabe clever remarks putting down Christians hidden behind thinly veiled anti “religious” comments.  Well, if so many of you are anti religious then why do I see so many blogs bagging on Christians?  Where are the anti Muslim blogs or Jewish, or Hindu or Buddhism, Scientology, Sikhism, Shinto, Jainism?  Oh silly me, that wouldn’t be politically correct, besides it’s fun to pick on Christians.  Christians are so arrogant, self righteous, high and mighty, judgmental and full of themselves.  Of course nobody from any other religion shows these traits, only Christians.  So, if this is true then why do Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs go at each other all the time in India?  And why do the Catholics and Protestants not get along in Ireland?  I mean those folks in Ireland are all Christians and they still cannot get along!  Not to mention Muslims attacking Jews (Israel) and Jews attacking Muslims in return.  But that’s ok, they are allowed to do those things, because Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are allowed to hate other religions; only Christians are supposed to be tolerant, and we are just supposed to sit back, keep our mouths shut and just go away.  We like the other religions, they are just so cool!  I would never pray to a God who tells me how to live my life and tells me I can only get to Heaven if I follow His rules.  HOW DARE HE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!  Yeah, it’s a horrible thing being a Christian.  I can’t stand the thought of going to Heaven when I die.  I feel like such a fool for believing in God, when over 1 billion people in this world are atheist and telling me I am a fool.  But, I better not tell an atheist he/she is foolish for not believing, because then I might be categorized as a zealot, Bible thumper, Jesus freak, GASP maybe in pushy or arrogant.


I find it rather amazing and just love the hypocrisy of so many people.  Yes, many Christians are hypocrites, and we are arrogant and judgmental.  We are all sinners in the eyes of God, me especially, and I have stated this many, many times before.  But, as I was starting to say before, I find it amazing how Christians are fair game and some of you folks actually expect Christians to just sit back and not reply to blogs and comments I have seen totally bagging on Christians.  To all of you self proclaimed atheists: good for you, do what ever makes you happy, God gave us all freewill to make these choices and you made yours, and I made mine.  Now, let me have my faith and enjoy it.  Do I condemn you for not believing?  Do I ridicule you like you do to me and all other Christians?  No, I don’t.  But, for some reason many of you feel this overwhelming desire to go out of your way to attack.  Why?  I don’t want to hear this crap about the Crusades, that’s ancient history and it was a dismal failure.  It was a bunch of misguided Christians who had no clue what they were doing, and had they truly been doing God’s will, I’m sure Islam would not be in control of the Middle east and North Africa.  And I already named some of the bad traits of many Christians, so I would like to hear some real good reasons.  There are none.  It is just plain hatred and ignorance of a  certain religion.


I got side tracked and am rambling.  Final points and some advice.  We Christians are our own worst enemies.  But, someday that will change.  Right now there are just over 2 billion Christians in the world today.  There are over 1 billion Muslims and 1 billion atheists.  There are only about 14 million Jews today.  These numbers are estimated and taken from various resources.  Anyway, there are still a lot of Christians, but don’t fret my non-religious friends, Christianity is shrinking everyday and someday, we will be a minority.  So, when that day comes then you can freely hunt us down like the dogs that we are and do what you want with us.  I mean it is already happening in India and other parts of Asia.  So, there is hope for all you Jesus haters.  I’m sorry, that was totally unchristian like and not politically correct.


Oh, I’m sorry, one last thing before I go.  For those of you who like to quote scripture, please do this; read it, study it then learn it’s true meaning before trying to use it against Christians.  Because I guarantee that most of you have no clue what the Bible passage really means.  I have seen it so many times on here.  Quit treating the Bible like an almanac, because anyone can take a Bible, search for a specific passage and spout it off like they know what they are talking about.  Christians are guilty of this too, don’t get me wrong.


Sorry I thought I was done.  I put my life in the hands of God, but I do not sit back and wait for Him to personally step in and do for me what I should be doing with His help.  That is the meaning of putting things in God’s hands.  I am only in control of whatever God decides to let me have control of.  Nothing I do is my own accomplishment, but remember that is what I believe.   

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