I hate freeloaders

So I went out to a lounge last nite with a couple of my friends . Everything was going good we were laughing sipping on some drinks and hitting on the bartenders. We started to chase down some more drinks and then the bartender  decided to give us a round of patron shots on the house. Ok cool , whatever.

I knew he just wanted to get us tipsy so he can make us buy more drinks and so that at the end he can give us the wrong change back when we pay. We hung out for another hour or two until it was getting pretty late and we decided to head back home. We ask for the bill and its something over $ 200. So mind you that there are three of us but I noticed that only one of my friends and I were digging in our purses. I see that my other friend is not taking out any money at all so I put in enough to cover the bill and a tip. I quess I didnt care about paying 75 % of the bill when I was tipsy. Quess what today it irks me . I dont care that much about the money part but  about the etiquette part. If you go to the bar and down drink after drink you better pay for it . Dont expect others to cover you - Why would you even assume that ? She wasnt on a date or anything.

I' m irritated and feeling sick. I'm going back to bed.

Uploaded 01/19/2009
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