"I Hate God, lets go killing"

I've recently noticed a huge misconception about atheist. Ok I lied it's not recently, i've noticed for a while, and it makes me mad. It seems that the general public thinks that if someone doesn't believe in God, they are immoral. While athesist make up no more than 5%(less than 1% according to a prison census in 1997, not sure the 2010 one, but i'll say 5 for hell of it) of inmates, they are still looked at as bad people, all because they don't believe in God.


A lot of people fail to acknowledge that most morals and ethics we have today do not come directly from the bible.  These morals come long before the Jews, and the introduction of Yahweh. They were socially constructed through out time. It could have been dogmatic-selection theory, that states whatever helps you survive is right. That could be the reason why we see killing in general as wrong, but killing in war noble. Another way to look at it is through empathy. We know killing is wrong because we know it sucks to be dead.


An arguement for the oppostion is that introducing God & Jesus into a person's life can stray them away from sin, and lead them to be better people. I absolutely agree with that. If Jesus can help people not to steal, not to kill, or even just be a better person, then go Jesus go.


I just want people to know that not all people need Jesus to see right and wrong.



Uploaded 10/30/2010
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