I hate mass uploaders!

Hi, I'm Tixi, 15 and this is my first blog entry ever. Also please forgive me if I let a few errors, English is my second language.

I was wandering around on ebaumsworld just like anyone. Reading blogs, argueing with people over irrevelant things and leaving afunny comment once in a while and suddenly no new stuff was being posted! The easily amused little boy that I am decided to go check the games the user submitted.

Then I see the game "Bumper 2". I open the link and after a few seconds I click on "Play" and the bumper car vanished! Then nothing happened. Only an ugly greyish screen with nothing to do...

Let's try "hellicopter". The screen is the same damn thing but it is written "hellicopter inferno" on the top of the now ugly-greenish screen. The play button doesn't do anything. It must be a bad luck.

What about "basketball"? The game works! It's like a basketball game with only one player that can make basketballs with his bare hands and when that basketball player shoots the ball, it never gets in the damn loop but it gives the points anyways. I'm up for hours of pleasure! Oh and he also double-posted it under the name "fire it up". Yay?

Guess what? All the games I talked about were posted by a person named "luispozo311". He posted a total of 11 games ( on that page ). All his games had a one-word name such as "hellicopter" and the game definition was the game name. You get the idea.

He probably wanted to get some eRep points.

Probably that "I'll upload any shit Ican get under the hand so I can have this playstation 3 from ebaums! I don't care if I spam the site and look like a retard! I just want to get my fat ass in front of the TV and have fun with my playstation 3" kinda guy

That's a really great attitude! Keep the sucky games coming! And oh don't forget to cut your wrists witha giant rusty metal steak knife while you're there!

Aaahh it feels good to let it go!

See you later,

Uploaded 07/24/2008
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