I hate McCain

I think I hate John McCain. I used to respect him, but I think that is over now. There are almost too many reasons to mention, but here are a few.

He keeps repeating the line that "If I was President, I would call Congress back from recess and tell them to get to work. Get to Work." Wow, you sir are brilliant. Dishonest, but brilliant. McCain hasnt done shit in Congress for years. Yes, I understand that Presidential candidates must forego some of their Congressional duties, so lets examine the previous decade. When Republicans controlled the Congress, they instituted a three day work week. Was McCain saying "Get to work. Get to work" when he was working three days a week? No.

I hate him because of McCain-Feingold. This was the most worthless shit bill since the alien and sedition act. Instead of taking money out of politics, it made it more prominent. Now, donors can still donate, just in a different manner. Instead of donating to a political candidate who takes their money and puts forth a position, large donors donate to 527s which are murky and put forth a plethora of bullshit that the candidate can publicly say he had nothing to do with.

I hate McCain because he finished 894th in his class of 899 and jokes that he wishes he finished last in his class. Pickett's charge anyone? Go ahead, fall into step with this douche. He was obviously a hell of a pilot.

I hate McCain because he has flagrantly betrayed himself in an effor to be president. I used to like him, but he has betrayed his previous honor in search of the presidency, and I cannot like that.

He famously referred to the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as "agents of intolerance." Now he embraces them. Yes, I know that Falwell is dead, but he prepared for last weekends religous discussion at Liberty University, Falwell's creation.

In 2000, McCain won the Vermont primary. He had a double digit lead in the South Carolina polls. Then Bush went negative. Bushies started leaking rumors that McCain's kid (who is adopted from Asia) was the product of an affair between McCain and an African American prostitute. The rumors proved to be incredibly destructive. (and completely untrue) These same Bushies ran the 2004 campaign where they went unbelievably negative against Kerry. Now, McCain has been increasingly bringing many of these same people into his own campaign. So the same people that did him wrong, he hires to do the same to Obama.

I hate that McCain doesnt stand against the attacks that his new campaign people make on Obama. The new book is Obama Nation. It is a play on the word obomination. It is written by the author of the Swift Boat book attacking Kerry. (Gee, can we smell an operative hack?) The Republican party bought tens of thousands of copies of this book. Why would they do that? Because it only takes tens of thousands of copies sold to propell it onto the national bestseller list, which in turn means it gets media attention, regardless of it's truth. McCain is responsible for that.

I hate that McCain distorts Obama's tax plan. Under Obama's plan, the top 2% of Americans see their taxes increase, while 95% will actually see their taxes reduced. If you make over $250,000 you might pay a little more. If you make under $150,000, you get a tax break. Yet McCain says all taxe are increased under Obama's plan.

In summary, I hate McCain because he lies and distorts the truth. I hate McCain because he is a hypocrite. The same people that he has cried out against for many years, he now climbs in bed with. He has no great accomplishments in his life other than surviving after being captured during Vietnam. I really used to respect him, but it seems that he has sold his soul in order to win the White House.

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