I hate my period!!..

I fell asleep around midnight, pretty early for myself. I was in the greatest sleep of my life, when I woke up around 4 AM, just randomly, and my butt felt soaked...oh crap. I already knew what had happened, but I got up and saw the evidence on my sweatpants anyway. Of course it wasn't just the looked like somebody committed a murder on my bed and just left the remains (Godfather bed scene, anyone? Only this wasn't with a horse head!). I knew I couldn't just leave it. I felt gross sleeping in my own blood, so I decided to attempt to get the stain out, since I was not about to wake up my parents at that hour. At first, I just tried cold water with no success, then I tried adding hand soap. Stupid did very little to help with my bloody explosion. The only change was that now, my room smelled like vanilla and shea butter. Me with my stupid thirteen year old logic tried using dish soap...and I must say, that helped the most, but soon I moved on to laundry soaps, and by about 5:30 AM, the stain was mostly out. Only one error: I lay down, right on the wet spot, totally forgetting it's wet, so I roll over and sleep on the other side on the bed, which felt weird considering I'd never slept on that side before. The sweats? Forget them. I was exhausted, mentally and physically, after trying to fix my murder scene for an hour and a half. So yup, you guessed it....I slept in my underwear. Luckily, when I woke up later at a decent hour, I hadn't leaked again....I hate my period lol!

Uploaded 09/07/2010
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