I hate people

This might not make an sense to you and im sorry for that but I have to say I fucking hate people, we are assholes expecialy teenagers, I hate my own age group!!!! One of my many reasons is that This summer I am kind of a nanny for a family friend, and I will be at wonderland with the kids and their mom and I will be pushing this giant ass stroller and like I mean this thing is fucking huge and it is really hair to turn but it holds alot so thats why we use it anyways and ill be pushing in and there will be a huge group of slutty ass girls walking towards me and i cant go around them because the stroller would fall on it's side so i jsut push forward and hope that one of them can see past their own little barbie world and see others around them but no they just keep walking towards me and if I accidentaly run over one of their toes they act like i just murdered them and started raping their dead boddies while i killed kittens and drank their blood, OR they will tur around t=and start swearing at me INFRONT OF LITTLE KIDS like my god did all that bleach they put on their hair kill all their brain cells, And dont even get me started on driver...or wangster/gangsters...I'll end up going on a murderous rampage

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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