I hate stupid vegans!

I really hate stupid vegans. Not intelligent vegans, that would be hypocritical.

I myself am a vegan, and I hate being given a bad name by those idiots who do things like feeding their babies watermelon and lettuce. Watermelon and lettuce is not an adequate diet for ANY stage of life, so this has nothing to do with a vegan diet being applied to children.

The problem is, people look at these stupid parents who do stupid things like this and apply their stupidity to the rest of us vegans. I'm not going to argue whether or not vegan diets are better than meat diets, but I'm irritated that I keep getting a bad name because of another's stupidity.

I know that children can be given vegan diets, but I also know that they must be well-balanced and more carefully planned than Posh Spice's I've-had-three-kids-and-all-I-eat-is-edamame weight-loss diet, because not everyone is a nutritionist and can determine at the drop of a hat what kind of nutrition should be put into this-or-that meal for their kids to have strong bones and immune systems.

I know that teenagers can subsist on a vegan diet, but I also know that most teenagers are stupid and would eat a plate of French fries for lunch, vegan or not. This is not adequate nutrition for anybody.

All of these people throw themselves into this lifestyle without knowing what they're getting themselves into. They jump on the bandwagon because it's "in vogue" to be "compassionate" this season or they need to lose some weight, something stupid. They're not in it because they've really got their heart into it.

I've been vegan for four years and I am a medical student, and even I have to be careful when planning what I eat. I just really hate seeing stupid parents and anorexic teenagers give me a bad name, with people asking me, "But isn't that unhealthy? Why would you do that? But where do you get your protein?"

It can be healthy, like any dietary choice, and it can also be unhealthy. Ideally, everyone should be watching what they eat, but with my lifestyle choice, there's less room for error, and that means there are more people fucking it all up. Humans are generally a very stupid species. I would rather see people still eat meat than starve themselves on a poorly planned vegan diet because they just don't know any better.

Uploaded 06/14/2008
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