I Have an eBone to Pick

eBones, eReps....Call me an eTard but I am a bit pissed.

I don't have a problem with the switchover to eBones from eReps. New management to ANY business has a right to change whatever it likes about the "Old System."

That being said, where's my Xbox? When I cashed in my eReps, the eStore was still represented as being legit. (Fuck... I sound like a sparkling wiggle.)

I'm pissed because when my awsomely great, Supermanian-level, jizz-spasm-inducing material started to be featured here, the lie of the eStore was still being represented as truth.

I won't lie. eReps weren't the sole reason I spent hours compiling original galleries, making Demotivators, editing videos, etc. I liked seeing my shit on the front page so the New-Feature Fags could gather via the "Refrash Dildozer Chat Engine," and keep my shit relevant.

If my uploads had simply been rehashed, stolen Youtube or Break vids, I wouldn't care so much but I had two features of original cartoons. Original fucking shit on ebaum's WORLD!!! I know.. it's like how I felt when I first discovered that the Moon Landing and the Holocaust were fake.

I spent HOURS on my cartoons, which are New Yorker Magazine quality. Well... not really but if The New Yorker had an Oxycontin-Addicted older brother magazine that lived at home and had been applying for disability for years, my 'toons could have been published there.

Bottom line, I claimed a prize with my eReps MONTHS ago. eBaum's WORLD didn't notify users that eReps were more worthless than coins in Farmville. (At least Farmville coins can be redeemed for a pink cow!) eBaums made ??? money on ads for the hits my features received. (each cartoon gallery received over 100,000 hits plus the newest was favorited over 40 times. How often does a feature get THAT?) I was made an offer via the eStore, I accepted that offer, and the contract was broken.

How am I wrong?


Uploaded 08/08/2010
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