I have been very much on a "Blog" writers block lately

I really can't think of things to blog about anymore.  Well except for this blog because I do have something to write about, but I don't know what it is, I used to try to post a blog at least once a day but here lately I have not been doing that, and I am saying sorry to the ones who like my blogs or by some chance follow what I do on this blogging area of the site.  So here we go with the "Blog" subject.

So have you ever had someone tell you "You think everything is about you!"  Have you ever had someone so mad at you they think that making others mad and upset will make you get mad and upset??  Well I have here this past sunday night!  I had someone call me and pretty much cuss me out because he said I try to make it "Your own show" "its all about you" and then goes on to say that he has been mad at me for a while now and why couldn't I be a man and go talk to him knowing that he was mad at me??  For one yeah I knew he was mad but I didn't care he was acting like a child and two shouldn't he be the one to come talk to me if he's mad at me and wants it resolved??  I even told him over the phone that he was acting like a child lol now I am 25 years old and he is about 35 maybe and he acts more child like than his freaking kids do!!  But anyway I have been upset about it for a couple days but not today, because I don't care if he wants to try to accuse me of anything or he thinks that I am running his families name into the mud, he's a jerk cry baby that acts like a child...but its not just him its his wife too, she acts the same way...this all started because his wife made her self look like and idiot and he pretty much blames me for it lol but anyway...I think that is about it on "venting" my fustraitions out!!

So I am sitting here at work like usual when I am on ebaums, and I am drinking a aquafina water...I am on a diet...I made myself go on a diet cause I am about 245lbs and I would like to be 200lbs in at least 6 months...I really don't want to be over weight when my wife and I start having kids!!  I want to be able to be a good healthy dad for my kids...Now my wife...God knows what she seen in me lol is smokin hot!!  I love her to death and she has a great body...I will post a pic of me and her and feature it on my profile so you all can see..its kind of blurry but who cares I don't mind showing her off lol.  I hope you all go check it out and leave me messages on my profile...but anyway my wife I dont' know what she sees in me??  I could make jokes about a huge penis or something, but I am really only a little above average..but I guess I didn't have to tell you all that did I?  lol but she loves me to death and vise versa and we both want 4 kids the first 2 we want to be "Boy/girl" twins...we think that would be nice...but yea we want 4 kids...

wow I don't know how this turned into talking about my family life lol...anyway...I play guitar and piano and drums and bass and I sing and write...I have been in music for about 10 years now..thats really about how long I've been playing guitar, piano is about 2 or 3 years now and drums is coming up to 1 year...but the bass is the same as guitar...ok you know what I am done with all this random blogging I am going to go so I don't make this to long for you all!!  Go check my profile after you read this for that pic of my wife and I.

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