I Have Diagnosed Tyaeda's Problem and Found a Solution

This is a private message I received from some weirdo who's obviously fascinated with me:

RE: did you delete your blog?

"It's Miss... see, you know nothing about the blogging community here. I was invited into the group of Quality Bloggers because the rest of the Blogging community here on EBW thinks I put out good work, and have been for a long time. Many of them know me very well through my blogs that I have been writing for over a year now. They wouldn't of invited me, or would have asked for my removal, if they didn't think I was worthy. The group consists of only the bloggers that have gained the respect of everyone else here, through the quality of their work. Not everyone who posts a blog is welcome. There's members that have been here longer than me, and have been blogging more than I have, that are not welcome because the rest of the blogging community (the majority) does not think they put out good work. Please check out the blogs of the members of that group before you discredit it's meaning or creditability. If you knew anything about the blog community here, you would know that it isn't like the rest of the website, and that's why many of us here enjoy it. Sure there's the odd troll or spam, but you won't find most of the bloggers, spamming up the features page, or uploading content like you see in the rest of the site. I don't care if you're accomplished anywhere else. Just because you blog elsewhere, doesn't mean you can speak for THIS blogging community. We do not yet consider you a part of it, because you've only written two blogs here. Since you are not yet a part of it, any advice, or lessons you give will fall upon deaf ears. You have already demonstrated that you don't know enough about this blog section to be a respected member of it... despite your long term membership on this website about nut shots and fail videos. If any of the members of that group criticized my work, I would very much take it into consideration. I'm not claiming to be the best... not by a long shot. I also don't claim to know everything. I will however stand by my long term membership and acceptance into this community, and won't let someone who isn't a part of it, tell me what I should and should not be blogging about. If you think you know better than everyone else here, and disagree with their acceptance and opinion of me, maybe this isn't the blogging community for you. Maybe you should read my blog regarding our expectations, and accept them as the way it is. You don't have to agree, nor do you have to adapt. But it would be good for you to understand this section a little more before you make assumptions. If you do want to be apart of this community that you look down upon, you do need our advice. You very much do need to know that there is less than 20 regulars here, and that we decide what's good and what isn't. If you don't agree... leave. You are not going to change anything. Not before you become an accepted member anyways. - Ty"

I know what's the matter. You're suffering from:

Word Diarrhea - Word diarrhea happens when you are trying to get a thought across gracefully but all of the words come from your brain and into your mouth at once. (source: Urban Dictionary)

But don't cry, I have found a solution.


No need to thank me.
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