I Have Led A Double Life The Priests Sign Of The Times

Hi everyone, Just wanted to say hi to all my friends out there in loser land. Open your hearts and let me in. No, I'll need more room then that...

During the day I work as a herdsman on the plains . But when the sun goes down over the hills I become an erotic dancer, I dress up in woman atire and have Egor play the string very loudly . With the fire burning and my flock watching on I dance for them, They get as aroused as I . I drink lots of wine and smoke hashish untill we are all naked. I always wake with my goats licking me all over . Lucky or I would not get up for work the next day.


It must shit you people on here to tears having me take the high ground on kiddy fiddling. The goat humper. Above the head of your church. Do you cherish goats over children?, Or should we supply each priest with their own flock of goats and an oversized pair of gum boots so as to leave the children alone? You people know it goes on, it is deeply inbedded and has been happening for generations but you don't do anythin to stop it. The start of the end. And ALL the children cheer. The goats are happy toooooo.

Alright all you fatty's, lets go. Jump up on your feet. It's EbaumsWorld exercise time. Start with 10 sit ups. And finish with a six pack and a mars bar. Well done. How do you feel now?. OK. I'll see you again tomorrow. Do you have a nicer leotard than that one? I can see your Warhoo.
Uploaded 07/17/2011
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