I have no idea....

As I sit here and now typing, what I have to say it pointless and not worth your time, but a few of you will continue to read, as that is what a great chunk of the internet is, a place for people to rant, rave, speak about themselves or post pictures of cats that look like Hitler -I have a special place in my heart for those pictures.      On the internet you can be who you want to be, or be the real you and especially with the latter, the real you is a fucking asshole. But sitting in a room on a computer there is very little chance of a comeback -unless you are famous then easily targeted- so we can let loose and say shit we wouldn't normally dream of in the real world. The internet as a tool and means of communication cries out for the goodness in man -I mean man as in humanity, in case you are a feminist- the internet is a tool where you can store vast amounts of information, shares discussions with like minded people about theories and hard hitting critical current affairs. But it is often used as a means of escape to ease away the empty hours of a hollow and unfulfilled life. The internet could be an analogy for life, this world we live on, people live their entire lives wasting time -I know I am guilty of it- doing useless shit and bitching about how crappy life is, when what we should all be doing is trying to make it better. But we never will.     At least we have the internet... 
Uploaded 03/18/2012
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