I have some making up to do... - Memorial Day 100

Alright, check it out. So I went out to dinner for a couple of hours and when I got home I noticed that the top 5 users list was updated. Turns out that eBaum's time is not the same as California time... sucks... So even though it's only around 9:00 PM here, I wasn't able to get my 100 media up for Memorial Day (according to eBaum's time).


SO! To make up for it. I , Jimmy Samurai, promise to end off each day for the next week (ending Sunday) as the top user on eBaums World for uploads. Consider it punishment... or whatever you wanna call it.


Additionally, just want to mention that if you include the jokes that were posted today we'd probably have about 100 items uploaded for the day. The total amount of video's and games uploaded for the day came out to 76... It took a bit of work but it still sucks I didn't make it to 100... Thanks for checking in. Show your support by checking out the media, commenting and rating. Thanks! Jimmy OUT!

Uploaded 05/27/2008
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