I have the best idea.

I'm a fucking scientist, and therefore I have the best ideas on the fucking planet. First off, you need to go to the freezer, and open that bitch up. Then you take out a square yellow box with Pizza Rolls scribbled along the front. Open that bitch up, and pull out the clear plastic bag of pizza rolls. Get a plate, and pour those bitches on it and head towards the microwave (fuck the oven you don't have time for that shit). You make a quick count, the box said 15, but rejoice you have 16! FUCK YES! 3:00 is the countdown, and as soon as that beep beep sounds you jump up, fist in the air, and jog to the microwave. Grab that plate (its gonna be hot) and sit down in front of the computer, and begin your feast. Sign onto eBaum's World come to the blogs section, and find a blog. Any blog will do, (click click) and scroll down to the comments. Hey look, a bunch of butthurt homos fighting on the interwebs. Frogs and fake Japanese people seem to dislike maple syrup chugging, moose fucking, oil working Canadians. Revel in the retarded bullshit, eat some pizza rolls and click on the add comment box. Now, type in "Fuck you NekoJeans." click Add Comment and go about your day. And my globe is full of Gin. Lots and lots of gin.
Uploaded 03/22/2011
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