I heard a rumor today.....

That we, being EBW is all but dead, why do people do this? I hope someone kicks me or pinches me when I am in the casket (or a really good glad bag) to make sue I am dead. I have thought about this a lot btw, and I will not go down so easy if for no other reason than Mr. Eric would love that. If some web site has to go down I hope its EBN because of Erics lies and the fact that Nation right now is a PIECE OF SHIT and I would tell them this except they would take it down and ban me. I dont mind the ban at all but dont waste my time and nation is like some church or monastery where if you say something in an inappropriate manner you get thrown out. Who in the hell decides what is inappropriate? Well Father Eric I assume, I do believe Eric has sold his soul for the almighty dollar. Look I dont have to have swear words in my stuff but its nice to know you can when you are pissed off. I certainly hope I have motivated you to keep coming back on here, lets at least out last FUCK FACE........see I couldn't say that on Nation. Hope you could read this I am heavily medicated.

Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 08/13/2009
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