I hope he got laid.......

I got up this morning to listen to our president have yet another "cant we all just get along" speeches and I dont care what anybody or what any country has to say about us but damn it our president can talk Purdy. Now before you go jumping all over Bo I want you to know that I for one agree with just about everything the man said and the stuff I dont agree with.......well hell you cant make everybody happy all the time. I remember as a young kid listening to Rev. King and damn he could talk too and I did hear him make his famous I have a dream speech and I was sitting in the middle of a room that was full of hatred for the black man but that is another story for another day. Today as I listened to Mr. Obama talk I was having a deja'vu moment because what he was talking about is a dream because if you think those people in the middle east will get along BUDDY YOU ARE DREAMING!!! Look it is a great thought but still a dream and please lets not wake them up.


Dinner for two including salad $650.00

1/2 carafe of wine $200.00

flying air force one to dinner including secret service protection and closing down streets and fuel cost $200,000.

Look on taxpayers and unemployed peoples faces Priceless.


Thanks for reading and this weekend I am taking my wife out for dinner and a movie cost around 45.00. maybe Mr. Obama will give me a ride.......



Uploaded 06/04/2009
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