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Tue, 11/13/2007 - 15:38 FoulMouthDrew

The majority of people in relationships today are in fact sloppy seconds. Think about it. Do you and your significant other have a healthy sex life? If the answer is yes it is because they have had practice. MenCan you hold down your lunch imagining your woman willingly bent over in front of some other man in anticipation of being skewered by some strangers purple headed yogurt slinger? Or can you imagine her rolling his clock weights around in her hand like Chinese medicine balls? Now let us bring oral into your visionImagine the friction burns on your womans uvula caused by the repeated entry of some strangers tool into her mouth. Not sick yet? Now imagine the gallons of knuckle children that have showered her entire face in her past sex life. I dont know about you but the Crispy Cream glazed donut assembly line comes to mind. I know what youre going to sayI dont know about the women youve had in the past but mine all showered. Sure, most of mine did too. But I ask you. If I was to throw a shot into your favorite cereal bowl would you eat out of it even after it was washed? I would hope the answer to that is no. Now imagine all the filthy used car salesman that were talented enough to talk their way into your ol ladies panties and break her in for you before you met. Now you are sick one way or the other for sure. Now let us move on to making women sick Can you retain your salad knowing for certain that the shaft you take on a weekly basis has entered the inner lining of several other womens puffy moose knuckles? Imagine how many times your man went down on some skanks salty urine flaps and inserted his tongue into these sluts highly trafficked axe wounds. Think about how many times your man has thrusted deep into some hookers angry spider giving her the old curtain climber then pulling out a chocolate covered banana. Gross, come to think of itIf youre a good woman you probably went down on this past feculent (covered in feces) rod. Now kiss him Are you sick yet? At least men have skin covering their shafts to semi protect them from impurities. Women have nothing but the lining of their innards to absorb filth through way of osmosis. It is almost enough to make me celibatealmost!

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