I Just Got Fired and Other Funny Things.

Hello eBaumers,

I know you must have missed me, I've been on a bit of a shopping spree and have done some studying in the field of writing. So, this is the thing, I got fired today. Yes after standing on my feet for like 5 years, the manager fired me. Not because of normal things like stealing or not showing up for work, but because I did the right thing. I know, it's all so backwards and wrong.

It all started a few days ago, when  I came across $160.00 in cash lieing on the change room floor. I was so happy I could finally buy those Christmas gifts that would look so great on me. Anyhow after work I did just that and showed off my new wardrobe to Jeb. I just wanted him to see how great I would look during Christmas. He was furious, his face got redder than an Alabama cherry blossom. He said, " Girl, tomorrow morning you gonna march right back into work and return that money. It's not yours, someone might find out and then you'd be fired". Now you don't cross Jeb when he's got that shiny blush on, he's meaner than a rabid rattle snake.

So I did the right thing and told my boss I found the money and will be returning it as soon as I can.  "No", he said, You'd be handing that money to me now girl, Mrs. X called two days ago enquiring about her loosing her pay packet here in the store and she's beside herself with grief."  I reiterated, (just learned that in my studying), " Sorry sir, but I already spent it on Christmas presents and you wouldn't want me disappointing all those nice people?"  "Now, I've tried being patient with you" he said with an odd grin, "Because I know Jeb is a good man, but young lady your nothing but trouble. I hate to do this but I'm firing you and this weeks pay will go to Mrs. X."

Now I can go to Jeb and explain why his so called, " Doing the right thing" was a dumb idea because I lost my job from doing it. My God, I thought Jeb was a wise man but he sure messed up with this one. 

Uploaded 12/09/2012
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