I love how people hate me

i know your all saying oh god this is another Stupid ass blog entry complaining about something but Fuck you i have a right to write this i really just like dont know anymore this is rediculous im 17 useally im pretty happy but tonight first someone calls me and tells me they dont love me anymore...and after that makes me hit a lower point so earlier i was a 9 on a scale to happiness now this drops me to at least a 4 but get this when i get home someone else texts me saying fuck you blah blah i never want to talk to you again you lie your untrustworthy and she will not tell me why she is mad so this kinda brings the 4 downs to a 1 But this is not all...ten minuts later my ex best friend calls me saying fight me and all this other shit for no reason at all so this also strikes fear into me so now i do feel better letting people know about this because i dont know i guess it helps but now these people will not stop texting me the one girl saying she hates me will not tell me why and im getting threats from at least five people that im going to die (for no reason) thank god no one i know in real life actually uses this website so i can talk about this stuff freely so if you read all this i thank you....umm ok i feel a litle better getting that off my chest se thanks again..............





and now i get a text from the girl saying the reason she hates me is for hanging out with my friend who eventually invited girls over but get this....THERE 25 so really they want nothing to do with me and she still flips shit it getting to me more and more the other reason she is mad is because i talked to a girl she hates....umm just because you hate her does not meen i cant talk to her im not even going out with this girl and she acts like were fucking MARRIED






Now two days later my life has never been better im so happy i got rid of the bi polar Bitch and it so amazing tody i met someone and i think that it will actually go somewhere thank you guys for making this so much easier with your awesome comments cheering me up your amazing you people keep me livingg!! =)

Uploaded 07/02/2008
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