I Love Me Some eRep Points

Wow, *LOLZ* --has anyone else seen that featured blog, 10 Things to Do in K-mart? That is some seriously funny, original shit. Wait, no, it's not.

It has become increasingly apparent that all I have to do to get me one of them there eRep prizes is copy and paste some dumb shit off of someone else's website on the blog page. Hooray! PS3, here I come! I hope that 10 Things to Do in K-mart was featured to prove a point instead of to honestly showcase that stupid steaming pile of donkey turd to the world. And I also hope that the point that has been taken from it is, if you don't have anything viable to say, then shut the fuck up! It's better to be quiet and have the world think you're a numbnuts than to open your mouth and prove them right. Unless there is some free electronic device in question, in which case, waste all the space and time you can, having everyone read the steaming pile of ripped-off donkey turd you call your own self-expression. Then let me borrow your Playstation for a couple of days. I'll give it back, I swear.


Uploaded 05/18/2008
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