I Love Myself Some Haters

From Syndicate To WarCock to That Old Fucker I Forget His Name . Anyways You Niggas Aint Got Shit On Me .. Motha Fuckin Marines Aint Got Shit On Me .. I am A Young Handsome Man That Is Gettin Blown up on The Internet From Bitches I Dont Even Know .. I Know Im Cute Girls But Its The Internet I Aint Tryin To Get My Fucks On With No Internet Bitches ..

   Okay Back To Punk As 3 Stooges .. You Niggas Got It COming .. I Got Me And My Nigga The I-Nines Alerted Bout You Fake Ass Gangstas .. Hey Warlock AKA WarCock U Work Out 5 Hours A Day You Said ? Hope You Can Eat A Bullet Nigga .. Hope Your Muscles Are Steel Like Superman Like Mine Are And You Can Eat A Fuckin Bullet ..

  Syndicate Aint Nothing But A Punk Motha Freaka That Hates On Me Cause He Gave Me A Blow Job For Some Cocaine .. My Bad Syndicate .. Dont Wanna Throw U Under The Bus But You Gotta Talk Shit .. Fuck You

 And Old Fucker .. All I Gotta Say Is Fuck You With Your Wrinkly Ass Balls And Viagra FUCK YOU..


Yo Tyaeda Hit Me Up Baby Boo I Miss You <3

Uploaded 01/05/2010
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