I love this place. I love you guys.

Where else in the world would you be arguing with someone that wishes they were Officer Farva (creepingjennie), A snickering "I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I" back talking commentor with a snork for a penis (snorkpants), A douche (too many to name), a KING douche (BluntBlaza), a few that unite (ellimem, gnome, etc.) and a wiley fucking random skeleton (that coldfire twit)?


I'll tell you where!

Probably myspace, youtube, and facebook... but that's not the point.

we are here, bickering, and having a good time with meaningful derrogatives in a not so meaningful manner... I.E.. how the hell does one propose, "I'll kick your f*cking ass!" If:

A: neither dum-dum knows where each other lives

B: neither dum-dum is willing to seperate from eBaum's for that kind of peiod of time.

C: you don't want to ask your mother* for money to obtain the gas, car, or plane ticket to do such an attrocity,

and/or D: you realize your cardboard halo guns don't work as devised.


*FROM SECTION C: If mother is in disposed, being screwed by someone you really hate, or is dead, your not-so-heterosexual father might lighten up and hand you the cash with pity.


Prove me wrong: not one of you twits has never laughed at one point in an arguement here, otherwise you'd still be grounded by the ever meniacle myspace.


So, I thank ALL of you, douchebags, coolio's, twits, dum-dums, admins, mods, and other strange things that didn't come out of the womb right for making, and keeping this sight on it's toes.


except creepingjennie...

Uploaded 07/28/2008
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