I May Be a Criminal

The Green movement is well established here in my fair city. It's one of the cleanest cities in the world and I do appreciate it. We have an intensive recycling program which is expensive not really efficient and a bit of a nuisance. But I do my best to comply at a non enthusiastic level. 

When my multiple recycle bins overflow I throw the excess recyclables into the trash can. I don't feel too badly about this because I know the local recycling centre when faced with over capacity  dump recyclables in the dump. Which is similar to what I do. Saves them the hassle really. There is a problem I will soon be facing, the City of Ottawa are hiring garbage police to make sure each and every resident is complying. If they don't after a warning, heavy fines will be levied. Further misdemeanour's  could result in jail time. 

I could purchase more recycling bins, which adds more plastic to the world, but still it will be extremely difficult to ensure no recyclables end up in the trash by accident. Will I now be required to be a garbage Nazi in my own home, driving my wife and kids insane? Probably not, but that day could come.

In our area if you place anything on the curb that is metal, guys in some pretty nice looking trucks and trailers pick it up before the garbage men. I like that. They make a buck and my old rusty bike gets recycled into a dildo for Neko and Andrewryan. 

An old television was  taking up room in the garage, so I put it to the curb hoping a rogue recycler would come along and take it. Non did, put I did receive a big shiny, " Plastic" sticker telling me where to stick my T.V.  Until then, I put it in my open trailer. Looked kinda hick sticking up in the air, but my rusty work van blocked it from most angles of view.

Finally took  the time to figure where the T.V. recycling depot was. Close by, was on my way, so off I went. Enquired where to drop it off. Was told front desk and  to fill out some paper work. Paperwork? What the hell for? So millions of recycled electronics are going to need people to fill out paperwork?  Where are they going to store all that paperwork? And who is going to read it, organize it, tabulise it, decipher it? To what end? Just recycle the damn thing. Save the trees and reduce the ink, remove that bureaucrat  from driving her car to study boring paperwork in a heated well lit environment!

Some lady was in line ahead of me making small talk about her precious laptop. I could only suffer the slow start up of a obviously diseased computer before I had  to leave. Yes, no paperwork was ever filled out. I am a rebel citizen, non-compliant, an ecological misfit. Did the cameras catch me? I need to buy me a hoody.
Uploaded 03/19/2012
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