I May Have... the Virus.

For like two months the skin on my palms has been all itchy and peeling. I would've concluded the sun was the culprit, except for all the fun so far this summer, nowhere else on my body does the usual shedding occur.

So then, over the course of several weeks, I start going through extra lotions, body butter, pumice, Neosporin, $30 exfoliant creams, overnight moisturizing gloves, spa treatments, the whole deal. But nothing. By the next morning, it all comes back.

Friends at work are telling me it looks like what their sister/brother/dad's friend/blah blah blah had one time and it can suck real bad. Others joke I may be handling diseased ballz too often. I'd laugh at this via pounding on my keyboard, but don't want my cuts to split.

After work yesterday I go visit my folks for the first time in like a week, and decide to freak out my mom by throwing my palms in her face. And it worked a bit too easily.

I especially took interest in showcasing the sides of my thumbs, which I woke up with a few days ago all peeled and cracked right down to their raw, bloody depths. She claims I might have some kind of dermatitis, psoriasis, or eczema. But I'm pretty sure it may just be the virus.



So now I'm home early, stuck here to waste some time until my appointment, where I'll figure out if it's either palm-only eczema, the result of one product or another, or gross, bloody, zombie disease. As much as I'd like to see what it's like to be among the walking dead, it'll probably turn out to be something requiring a single steroid cream application. Blast.

Uploaded 08/08/2012
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