I miss my WEMF

Summer of 06 was one of my all time favourite summers.

That was the summer that I lied to my parents, and took the 6 hour drive to Tweed Ontario to attend the World Electronic Music Festival or WEMF for short.


This party was like none other.. comparaible to Woodstock even (not that I went or anything)

People all over the world gathered in one of Ontario's beautiful provincial parks with one goal in mind.  Get fucked out of our trees, and party for 3 days straight.  A party it most definitely was.. except this party didn't have angry drunks, drama, or party pooping cops.  Sure the Ontario Provincial Police were there, but I bet they had just as good a time as anyone else... not on hylucegents.  They were dancing and partying with the rest of us, and props go out to them for their ODing people evacuations- very swift and organized.

During this weekend that I shared with 15 thousand others, I came across acts of kindness and friendliness that I never thought existed. Heres some examples.

While collecting fire wood for the "Niagara Whuuut" camp site, I was congratulated and praised for my hard work, by passers-by.

While dancing alone a guy came up and started dancing dirty with me. Although he wasn't hard on the eyes, I regretfully informed him that I was with my boyfriend who was amongst the crowd somewhere.  Instead of discrediting my boyfriend, or rebuttling - he actually APOLOGIZED and shook my hand.  We had a conversation about where we were from, and how we were both having a great time, and then parted ways.

On numerous occasions while sitting at my proudly built campfire, random people would come baring gifts (free drugs) in exchange for chit chat and a pit stop (to trip out on the trippy fire that i made).

The buddy system.. although not nessesary - very handy.  While on a random walk through the beautiful wooded areas of the park, i was helicinating.  I saw families walking with children, and apprarition type illusions of people dancing around in my prarifrial vision.  I walked through imaginary chain link fences, and staggered about.  On my journey I ran into a person who was in the same boat.  We were tripping out in our own ways, and thus seeing different things.. we helped each other sort reality from imagination and laughed at whatever we were on the fence about.

Improving each other's self image.  Although WEMF was a very friendly and diverse place to be, some people still had self esteem problems that they struggled with.  While standing alone on the sidelines smoking a cigarette, I was confronted by such a person. This guy came up to me and striked a small conversation about how hott it was.  He said thet he wanted to take his shirt off and go dance, but that he felt insecure about his looks.  I pointed to a fairly large and half naked individual who was prancing around like a fag and told him "well at least you aren't that guy".  He laughed and understood that we were all just there to party and have fun.. no one's worried about what other people look like.  It was a refreshing feeling to not only realize that myself, but to be able to help others realize it just the same.


I met so many people from all around the world through small acts of kindness and togetherness... it was an overwhelming and refreshing feeling to be in a place where no one hated anyone, and everyone got along.... even the police were dancing and having a good time.  It will be one of my all time favourite weekends, and best memories.  I hope to do it all again soon.



I wish it could be like WEMF everywhere. I wish we could all get together and form one goal for world peace and happiness. I wish that we could all be nice to each other, and to not interfere with each other's good times.  Arguing and blaming each other isn't going to get us anywhere, yet we all do it.  If we can find peace, happiness and togetherness in a bunch of drugged up teenagers and wanna be teenagers - we should be able to in other aspects of life... but we don't, and its some of the most respected people in society that are the ones spreading fear, hate, and bias views....  I miss my WEMF.


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