I miss the OLD ebaums world

Most of you are aware that ebaum has taken more turns for the worst within the last year.  More moderators, less ebaum uploads, tighter restrictions, stupid uploads from ebaum, stupid contests that have the DUMBEST winners ("There are snails on your face"), no demotivational posters (the best part in my opinion) and they have let advertisers completely run wild.  Sometimes it's so bad that you can't even hit the play button because there's some stupid popup for an upcoming tv show blocking the way.

This is bullshit.  Years ago, this website was a great place to go when you needed a GOOD laugh with little restrictions, but nowadays all you can find are re-posts from even a few days ago and seemingly hundreds of moderators are taking away items you have uploaded.  I have been a regular visitor of this site for many years and needless to say, IT SUCKS BALLS.  Who in the hell has let it get so bad?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, as many posts complain about stupid and humorless pics/vids that are posted throughout the week.  I know that there are other websites to visit, but this I keep coming back to this one with high hopes that something new and funny might pop up (rare occasion). 

What the hell is it going to take for someone in the higher ranks to take a hard look at the shitty "progress" made on this website from the following years?  Maybe an angry shout-out:

Fuck you, creator of Ebaum.  Although you were once a creator of something hilarious, you should shamefully go fuck yourself with a greasy old tube suck filled with dirty quarters that you found in your 93 year old grandfather's dresser.


Uploaded 01/20/2009
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