I miss this.

So ok i was banned for a week for using the email to a friend thing a little too much, even though they didnt care to fix that glitch the moment they probably knew about it.

Anyways, since i couldnt comment on the the past day's features, i would like to give you my 2 cents lol.

On the Rock from Mars video.... Eww! haha i wonder if its really from Mars. And i think it looks like poo, rofl.

On the video with the guy with the longest nails..... oh that looks gross! I wonder how he manages with everyday things. Imagine if he had long nails on both hands?? LOL

On the picture of Fat Chicks Need Love Too.... I dont see whats so funny about it. Its just an overweight lady having some fun. You guys are hella rude to make fun of her. But I think she is beautiful.

On the video of Dirty Spelling Bee.... Pervs, they shouldnt do that to little kids. It made me so angry that they let those men curse at innocent kids >:(

On the picture of Clay is Gay..... duh!


ok thanks for reading, you guys! and if you guys wanna be my buddy, i'll be happy to accept your buddy request.


Uploaded 09/24/2008
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